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About Us

We are Beauty and Motion, a husband and wife team who have taken wedding videography to the next level. We bring cinematic images together in a unique and creative way, which captures the intimacy, excitement, energy and emotion of our clients’ wedding day. Our personalized short films cater to the individuality of each couple, showcasing their true story like no other form of traditional wedding videography.

We are both from artistic backgrounds. John is an editor and filmmaker originally from England, and Danya a state certified makeup artist for film and television, born and raised in Los Angeles. Having been disappointed by the lack of individuality and variety in wedding videography available to us when we got married, we strived to create films which spoke to people through cinematic images. With John’s loved ones being in England, we found it necessary to create something that could overcome the distance and bring guests right into the moment through our videos.

Danya and John

Why Choose Us?

Our unique short form vignettes are designed to be treasured and viewed over and over again. In fact, all the couples we have collaborated with tell us they do just that, as do their guests who could not attend. At Beauty & Motion we truly aim to tailor all our packages to your unique, individual needs. ​

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